Future Friends Holographic Magic Club is an antifascist contemporary art gallery.



Bre Robinson / Chief & Founder
Heidi Wieland / Board Member, Founder, Patron
malikah briah / Board Member
Quiana Quarles / Board Member
Fei M.F. / Lead Volunteer

Artist we've shown:

Eden America, Lisa Barton, Charlee Black, A. Bowden, Jamar Bowers, Boxx the Artist, Kenneth Bartless, malikah briah, Deonna Craig, Qaniah Douglas, Babe Denny, Nichelle's Eye, Caroline Federle, Mike Graves, Clayton Hamilton, Erica Holloway, Ke'Ondris Hughes, Mariah Ivey, Sarah J., Jedediah Johnson, Michelle Johnson, Julian Jones, Allistor King, Kivinity King, Theon Lee, Ronald David Lora-Castillo, Machalia, Mike Palmore Martin, Ess Mckee, Cierra McNeal, Jillian Miller, Sean Oreo, Tonya Parham, Lance C Parker, Rae Parker, Carl Pope, Courtney Porter, Quiana Quarles, Sun Rai, Tatjana Rebelle, Keenan Rhodes, Bre Robinson, Rebecca Robinson Juan Taylor, Mechi Shakur, Leland Winston, Muslim Youth Collective


Future Friends Holographic Magic club is an anti-fascist, contemporary art collective that emphasizes placing marginalized voices at the center to express themselves freely through visual arts, film, music, poetry, and performance.

Future Friends’ mission is to forge an accessible local community for artists, activists, and the Indianapolis youth. Future Friends Holographic Magic Club is specifically interested in supporting works that speak truths that many galleries may consider too harsh or unpleasant to support due to the obligation to maintain the cis-, white, hetero-, capitalist, patriarchy.

Future Friends is stationed in room 213 of the Murphy Building in Fountain Square, Indianapolis.

Please use form below for any artist proposals, space rental proposals, questions, comments, or concerns.